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Some interesting facts about ants that you need to know

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Some interesting facts about ants that you need to know

Ants are very common home invaders and found almost everywhere on the earth. Generally, ants are living in colonies located outside, but they enter your house for food or shelter. There are three types of ants live in a colony, including the queen, the female workers and the male. The queen ant has wings, while the female don’t have. In the whole colony, the queen is the only ant who lay eggs. The ant life cycle has four different stages such as egg, larvae, pupae and adult. It is a complete metamorphosis like other insects.

You may not like ants when you found them in your food items or crawl in your house. But these are not as dangerous or bad as you think. There are many interesting facts about ants that you need to know. Check out these surprise facts given below.

  1. Ants can carry up to fifty times more their actual weight: These are very small critters, but they have the capability to lift fifty times their body weight. They bring dead insects, crumbs and those food pieces that you drop. They have greater muscles that are thicker relative to their body mass. It allows them to carry large and heavy objects.
  2. Ants don’t have ears: It may weird to listen, but it is a truth. Yes, just like other pests (rats), ants don’t have ears. But it does not mean they cannot listen. They use vibrations to hear anything. These insects have a special sensor on their feet and use it to feel vibration in the ground.
  3. Ants don’t have lungs: As you know, ants are very small in size, that’s why they don’t have lungs like humans. Instead of lungs, ants have a series of small holes that are located on their body. They breathe through these holes.
  4. Ants are as old as dinosaurs: Ants are near about 130 million years old critters. These insects were found during the early Cretaceous period. Nowadays, near about 20,000 species roams the world.
  5. Ants have specific job: These are social insects and live in a colony together. Ants have three categories such as the queen, the female worker and the male ant. Each category has its own specific job. The queen’s responsibility to lay eggs, the female ant responsible to collect the food, feed the larvae and defend the nest. At the last, male ant’s job is to mate with the queen ant.
  6. Some people eat ants: There are various countries that serve ants and other insects with your meal. Most of the people kill them for their taste. They think the ants have a pleasant flavor, so they are celebrated in many countries.

You may hear or not hear about these facts, but all these are true. If you notice an ant infestation, let Hamilton Extermination help you. We have trained and adroit technicians that will help you and take care of your pest problem.

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