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How To Identify Bedbugs In Your Property

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Bedbugs are small, brownish pests that survive on warmer blood of humans and animals. They are as tiny as a seed of an apple. When they bite, they leave a red mark in zigzag series on the uncovered body parts of humans.

The bed bugs do not fly, but they can sense the danger and immediately move. So, here is a guide to inspect and get rid of bed bugs effectively.

Where The Bed Bugs Can Hide
Once the bed bugs have entered your home, they will drive everywhere, be it is your luggage, clothing, beds, couches, carpet, pets, furniture, bed frames, headboards or any other tiny places in your home. Mostly, they become active in the night time so that they can easily bite you while you are sleeping, but it does not mean that they can’t bite in the daytime.
How To Detect Bed Bugs

  • Use your nose to detect unpleasant odor like a wet towel that is caused by bed bugs infestation.
  • Utilize the magnifying lens to find out the bed bugs around the edges of your mattress
  • Notice, there will be dark red or brown color stains on your bed sheet that is left by bed bugs when they overfeed on your blood.

How To Remove The Bed Bugs?

The most effective solution to get rid of bed bugs is heat treatment. Use of steaming equipment and heat-producing items can turn out to be beneficial in bed bugs removal, but these should be used carefully. Otherwise, you may harm yourself.

If you want professionals help in bed bugs removal process, contact us at Hamilton Extermination. Our team of professional bed bugs removal and control specialist can provide you with right and effective solution.

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