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Tips for Pest Control

How To Identify Bedbugs In Your Property

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Bedbugs are small, brownish pests that survive on warmer blood of humans and animals. They are as tiny as a seed of an apple. When they bite, they leave a red mark in zigzag series on the uncovered body parts of humans.

The bed bugs do not fly, but they can sense the danger and immediately move. So, here is a guide to inspect and get rid of bed bugs effectively.

Where The Bed Bugs Can Hide
Once the bed bugs have entered your home, they will drive everywhere, be it is your luggage, clothing, beds, couches, carpet, pets, furniture, bed frames, headboards or any other tiny places in your home. Mostly, they become active in the night time so that they can easily bite you while you are sleeping, but it does not mean that they can’t bite in the daytime.
How To Detect Bed Bugs

  • Use your nose to detect unpleasant odor like a wet towel that is caused by bed bugs infestation.
  • Utilize the magnifying lens to find out the bed bugs around the edges of your mattress
  • Notice, there will be dark red or brown color stains on your bed sheet that is left by bed bugs when they overfeed on your blood.

How To Remove The Bed Bugs?

The most effective solution to get rid of bed bugs is heat treatment. Use of steaming equipment and heat-producing items can turn out to be beneficial in bed bugs removal, but these should be used carefully. Otherwise, you may harm yourself.

If you want professionals help in bed bugs removal process, contact us at Hamilton Extermination. Our team of professional bed bugs removal and control specialist can provide you with right and effective solution.

4 Things To Do On Detecting A Flea Infestation

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Flea Infestation

Fleas are tiny pests that are usually found on the fur coat of dogs and cats. Since fleas are very small, they are not so visible to the naked eye, which makes them difficult to detect. Compared to their body size, these pests have long legs that allow them to jump quite high.

Fleas are bloodsuckers that feed on the blood of animals, especially household pets. They usually reach your property riding on the back on the pets. If you suspect a flea infestation in your home or office, don’t ignore the problem at all.

Here are some measures you should follow to deal with these stubborn pests:

  1. Bathe your pet with a flea exterminating shampoo or lotion. Spray a pest repellent on their fur coat to keep all sort of pests away. Consult your vet to know about the best flea control products.
  2. Keep the clutter away and ensure cleanliness all around. Since fleas can jump around anywhere, it’s advised to clean everything, right from the carpets, to furniture, and wood floor. Try using a vacuum cleaner with a beater brush that can help in killing the fleas. This will not only help in getting rid of living fleas but also removes their eggs.
  3. These are many trees and shrubs that are known to have pest repelling properties. Try planting them at your home if you have any open space. If not, keep flea repellent substances, such as tea tree oil and eucalyptus leaves in the interiors to deter their population.
  4. Always inspect the foreign objects or second-hand items before bringing them into your home. You never know where a flea may be resting, that’s why always stay on a safe side and inspect each and every item before getting inside.

So, these are some measures you can take if you confront with a flea infestation. If you are looking for a professional to deal with the problem, feel free to call our flea control experts at Hamilton Extermination right away.

Health Effects Of Cockroach Infestation

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Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are the common pests in your home or office. Like most other insects and pests, cockroaches reach your premises in search of food and shelter. This is why, they are found around your kitchen or food sources, including the leaky pipes, under the sink and moisture-prone area.

However, they are tiny in size they are one of the most dangerous pests. You can often find them in cupboards, under sinks, behind the refrigerators and other appliances.

How Are The Cockroaches Dangerous To Humans?

  • Cockroaches lead to deliver significant health concerns. They breed in sewage, feed on garbage and when reach your kitchen counter contaminate the food and water sources which you drink and eat unknowingly.
  • They carry pathogens that cause diseases and play a significant role in spreading certain infections. The roaches are suspected carrier of microorganisms that cause diarrhea, cholera, leprosy, plague, dysentery, typhoid fever and other viral diseases.
  • Asthma is one of the significant diseases that is caused by cockroach infestation. Moreover, they produce a protein that can prompt an allergic reaction.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

It is advisable to call the professionals to get rid of cockroaches effectively because they can not be killed easily on your own. You will surprise to know that cockroaches can live without food for more than 30 days. This ability makes them stay hidden for a long run.

At Hamilton Extermination, our team of pest control technician can assist you in getting rid of the pest in no time. We first identify, analyze and remove the cockroaches providing an effective and durable solution. Call us to get a free estimate.

4 Proven Tips To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets Wasps

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4 Proven Tips To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets Wasps

Yellow jackets are one of the aggressive insects. They just love to stay in their nest and attack in defense when someone try to damage their nest. On the other hand, whether you are going to deal with these insects or just passing nearby them, they can sting you anytime anywhere. Their painful sting can even deliver swelling or serious reactions.

The nutshell is they are dangerous and it is always better to keep them away. This is why people find different ways to kill and get rid of yellow jackets as soon as possible.
Below are some easy tips to handle yellow jackets.

  • Cleaning

    Make sure to throw the leftover or waste food in the trash. And, the trash should also be removed far away from your home. The black jackets can reach your home while they are foraging. More cleaning you will maintain more you will be able to keep the yellow jackets away.

  • Remove The Nests

    Yellow jackets can’t see in the night, it will be better if you remove their nest in the dark nights. Thus, you can save yourself from the pesky insect’s sting.

  • Trapping

    The traps for removing the yellow jackets are useful when you are unable to locate their nest. You can use the fruit juice and meat to lure the yellow jacket. It can be risky, so you have to be careful.

  • Seal The Cracks

    If your home has the small cracks, crevices and holes in the walls then the insects can take benefit of these places to create their nests. It is suggested to seal all the cracks where you are expected to have yellow jackets.

There is nothing surprising if you find the yellow jackets in your garden area around the trees. You have to inspect them and remove safely. If you are looking for the professionals help then reach Hamilton Extermination. Our experts use the tailor-made solution to inspect and remove the pest in your home.

4 Techniques To Improve Your Rodent Control Strategies

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4 Techniques To Improve Your Rodent Control Strategies

Rodent infestation is a bigger issue for many homeowners. When you notice rodents around you, their removal is the only thing to be done as soon as possible. The pest gets into your home through various unnoticeable spaces. When you think about the rodents what comes in your mind first is ‘gnaw’. The rat and mice are not the only nuisances, but they also cause deadly diseases like asthma. Unknowingly when you get in touch with their urine and droppings, you may even face the serious health hazard.

In order to remove the rodents, people use the home-made techniques. Unfortunately, these techniques give you less chances of getting a result in your favor. So, you need to use more effective tricks such as:

  1. Block Home Access

    The prominent thing you need to do is block all the access routes that give entry into your home like holes, cracks, crevices, etc. Seal all these areas so that the rodents could not come into your home.

  2. Pay Attention To Exterior Access

    If your home has garden areas make sure to trim the overgrown trees, plant and weeds. Cut the branches that directly come into your home. If you find the holes in your lawn, cover them instantly, it could be a living area of rodents where they perform a reproduction process.

  3. Home Interior Attractors

    Sanitation is the best thing you need to do to keep away the rodents. Additionally, the leftover food should be removed and disposed far away of your home. Make sure to cover the food in an air-tight container whether it is in the refrigerator or in the kitchen cabinet.

  4. Professionals Help

    On detecting rodents in your home or around, make sure to hire the professional pest exterminators. The experts help to provide a long way solution from rodents.

At Hamilton Extermination, we can provide the right and effective solution to the people suffering from rodents. Our team of exterminators use the eco-friendly pest control product to ensure safe services.

3 Telltale Signs Your Home Has A Wasp Problem

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Telltale Signs Your Home Has A Wasp Problem

Wasps are those dreadful flying creatures that can invade your property badly especially during the summer seasons. A wasp infestation can ruin your backyard fun and keeps you in worry all the times. If you want to ensure your family members are protected from the wasp nests, then it’s essential to contact an exterminator to ensure their elimination. Through effective pest control services, an exterminator can easily identify and exterminate the wasp problem existing in your property.

In order to schedule a pest control, you must aware of few signs that tell your home has a wasp problem:

  1. Wood damages

    Species like wasps build their nests by chewing the tree wood. You can also experience the holes or tunnels that are appearing on the wooden surfaces. A chewed wood is a clear indication of wasps and one can also call the professional pest control company to determine the cause of damaged wood.

  2. Wasp Nests

    Another telltale sign of having a wasp problem is the wasp nests which are visible around your property. It completely depends upon the wasp species, either the nest is constructed from the chewed wood or mud elements. It’s ideal to call a professional exterminator to deal with wasp nests as performing DIY method can be a risky job.

  3. Flying Appearance

    If there is any kind of flying insect around your property, then there are higher chances of having wasps around the property. You can identify them through its yellow abdomen and long wings. When you are going through a wasp infestation, it’s essential to hire an exterminator as soon as possible.

If your home is experiencing a big wasp infestation problem, then it’s better to leave the treatment on the professional side. In order to have safe wasp extermination, you can hire our pest control services at Hamilton Extermination.

5 Common Pest Control Mistakes Must Be Avoided By Every Homeowner

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5 Common Pest Control Mistakes Must Be Avoided By Every Homeowner

Living with pests is very harmful to humans as they are responsible for transmitting severe health diseases. Once the pest infestation started, it’s a big headache to get rid of bugs and rodents out of the home. At the very first point, most of the homeowners handle the pest control practice with own efforts and also make few mistakes that make the condition worse. It’s necessary to keep some useful points in mind while dealing with any kind of infestation.

While performing various DIY pest control methods, you must avoid following mistakes that could make your problem potentially dangerous:

1. Ignorance To Precautions

Most of the homeowners make use of pesticides and repellents to kill the pests but forget to consider its precautions. Although these pesticides work against the pests at the same time they prove to be dangerous for your family and pets as well. It’s necessary to keep your children and pets away while spraying these pesticides.

2. Start Without Inspection

While treating with the pests, some of us forget to consider the root of the problem. It’s important to start the pest infestation by identifying the cause and then only make use of any spray or chemical. One must give proper inspection to windows and doors of the home and seal those gaps that are giving entries to pests.

3. Wrong Trapping Method

When setting up a trap for pests, one must place these baits in those areas where pests reside more like dark corners and behind the home gadgets. One must understand the pest infestation clearly and then only make use of baiting process.

4. Adopting DIY Method Only

Handling the pest problem with some DIY method is not always proves to be successful as these methods not give you a long-lasting solution. One must consider help from pest control team to ensure permanent pest elimination.

5. Unprofessional Pest Control Professional

Sometimes, while handling the severe infestation, we hire an unprofessional pest control professional. This will never help you to remove the problem and you can meet with pests again and again.

Whether you are moving to a new home or living in existing one, must avoid common mistakes that attract the pests again and again. For better pest control treatment, you can choose our skilled exterminators at Hamilton Extermination Services.

4 Queries To Put Before Hiring A Professional Bed Bug Exterminator

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4 Queries To Put Before Hiring A Professional Bed Bug Exterminator

It’s a big fact that we never think about the pest control until we see signs of infestation in the home. Having pests like bed bug is a mess as they can be the reason for sleep deprivation. These pesky insects are good at sucking human blood to strive their hunger. Bed bugs are very hard to get rid off even after using a number of pesticides and effective sprays. The only solution to control this mission is to hire a certified bed bug exterminator.

Making selection of right exterminator is somehow a big task which needs great attention. You can put some series of questions to make sure that you are going with right bed bug removal company:

1. Check for the experience: How long have you been in Pest control services?

The company which you are choosing for the bed bug extermination must be licensed and experienced in their services. It is necessary to consider the company who has a considerable image at the industry level.

2. Go through the reviews: May you provide me with your reviews & references?

If you are considering a pest control company for bed bug extermination, then it is necessary to ask for the references and reviews which you can check online. You must check them thoroughly in order to gain trust about the services.

3. Analyze the treatment: Are your pest control treatments are safe for my family?

You must go with the company that offers you Eco-friendly pest control treatment which is safe for your homely pests and family members. Only a trustworthy bed bug exterminator will able to clearly explain the whole treatment process.

4. Ask for the guarantee: Will you provide me the guaranteed pest control services?

It’s better to hire a professional who offers satisfactory and guaranteed pest control services for a long time. For this, you can also sign a contract with the exterminator. It doesn’t matter how much time is taken to solve the problem but the solution must be long-lasting.

To fight against the bed bug infestation, choosing a right pest control company is the most important decision which should be taken carefully. The company which you are going to hire must offer you right techniques, safety measures and work on environmental-friendly products. To have hassle-free bed bug treatment, you can choose our registered technicians at Hamilton Extermination Services.

How To Prevent Spiders? Adopt 4 Healthy Ways

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How To Prevent Spiders? Adopt 4 Healthy Ways

Spiders are the most annoying and dangerous creature that does not cause any property damage, but can attack a human body through its bites. A spider bite can cause severe reactions in humans, if not controlled on time. These spider bites should be taken seriously to eliminate the human health risks. It is also necessary to remove the spider’s webs and egg sacks through proper pest control treatment. In order to have a professional evaluation and systematic approach to eliminate the spiders, one can call a pest control team to gain healthy living space.

You can also go through the following useful ways to get rid of the spiders and their ugly webs:

  1. Keep Home Neat & Clean

    If someone does not perform regular cleaning of the home, then it allows the spiders to get hide into the home spaces. Generally, a cleaning is the most effective way to decrease the range of other such pests too. Some of the spiders also exist in the heights on the corners of the ceiling with their large webs. One can make use of vacuum cleaner to remove these webs.

  2. Make Use Of Spider Traps

    One can place spider glue traps in those areas where the spider often exists like under the water heater and home sinks. To eliminate the complete spider problem, also make use of insecticide and spider repellent to kill them. A pest control team can guide you a better way to treat with the spider from start to finish.

  3. Spider Repellents

    Spider repellent is an appropriate way to keep spiders away from the home. It is kind of emitting scent that does not allow the spiders to enter the home. To have this effective strategy for your home, you can also take help from the pest control team.

  4. Remove Out Hidden Spaces

    Being a homeowner, you have to take care of your property internally as well as externally. You must remove or clean out the spaces such like rocks, wood and the cracks in the walls to eliminate the entry of spiders.

Controlling the spiders is not a quick fix job as it requires a proper treatment and regular inspection. To have an easy way out for the spiders, you can also take help from our technicians at Hamilton Extermination.

3 Benefits Of Hiring A Pest Control Company

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3 Benefits Of Hiring A Pest Control Company

Pests are harmful creatures who are responsible for ruining the peace of mind and comfort of a family. Having a severe pest infestation is not less than a nightmare, especially if the species that invaded your home is bugs, rodents or roaches.

Since it’s the matter of hygiene and safety of your loved ones, it’s always advised not to ignore any insect invasion. By hiring a pest control company, one can ideally get rid of the unwanted insects that too with the least harm to a property or belongings.

Some benefits offered by pest control experts are:

  1. Trained Staff

    Most of the homeowners believe that eliminating pests is quite easy and can be achieved with DIY methods. They are actually unaware of the risks and complications which arise due to pests. Pest exterminators are highly trained individuals who are well versed with the modern tools and approaches needed to eliminate pest population.

  2. Safe Methods

    To prevent the risk of health and property damages, it’s better to follow safe and humane pest control methods. Almost all pest companies hire and train individuals about the safe and effective usage of chemicals and eco-friendly products. They know how much quantity of chemical and pesticides is needed for effective and humane pest removal.

  3. Long-term Effects

    Though the homemade remedies can somehow remove or control the ants or roaches, their after effects doesn’t last for long. To make sure the pests you removed doesn’t come back, pest professionals follow effective techniques and use chemicals that deliver long term pest control. Most of the companies also provide guaranteed services with no additional charges.

These are some of the common benefits that can be enjoyed by hiring a professional pest extermination company. If you are looking to hire a local pest control service provider in Hamilton, feel free to contact our experts at Hamilton Extermination.

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