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How To Prevent & Deter Rats Away From A Property?

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How To Prevent & Deter Rats Away From A Property?

Rats are common pests that are found all over the world. Their color and body size varies from location to location, but their habit of causing clutter remains the same. They are nimble and versatile creatures that fall into the category of rodents. Having rat infestation inside your home can greatly deteriorate the hygiene and well being of a family. Since these pests are very small, they manage to gain entry through the tiniest wall holes. Rats are responsible for causing serious disease like plague that can even turn out to be life threatening, therefore its advised to opt for immediate rat removal service.

Rat Prevention Tips:

  • Store all the food items in air tight containers to prevent contamination.

  • Reduce clutter in the yard by clearing away the dried leaves and twigs.

  • Keep the garbage away from a property and stop feeding rats and mice.

  • Secure the compost heap that consists of organic food & animals waste.

Tips To Rat Proof Your Home or Business:

  • Seal Entrances: Even the largest rat can easily squeeze through the tiny gaps that are often found under the door or window enclosures. Their body is extra slim and flexible. In order to prevent rat infestation, consider sealing all such entrances that you think can be accessed by rats.
  • Wall Cracks: Rodents can utilize even the minor wall damages or holes to enter directly into the interiors of your home. They are responsible for tearing away the clothes, paper, contaminating food and many other issues. Fix all the wall holes and cracks with concrete mixtures or by installing stainless steel plates.
  • 3. Mesh cover the pipes: Rats are capable of swimming or climbing the drain pipes to gain an entry inside your toilets and bathrooms. To prevent this situation, make sure you cover the toilet lid after use and install a mesh or drain cover over the kitchen and bathroom pipes. This will restrict the rat from getting out of the drains.

These are some ways to prevent rat invasion. If you are facing rodent infestation in your property, feel free to contact our pest exterminators at Hamilton Extermination.

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