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5 Tips To Prevent Pest Infestation Inside Your Property

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 5 Tips To Prevent Pest Infestation Inside Your Property

No wants to live inside a home that is infested with mice, ants, fleas, wasps and many other pests. Though preventing pest population inside your home is a daunting task, controlling them is absolutely crucial. There are many pest control companies that provide effective treatment against pests, but preventing them is far better than spending dollars on removing these pesky insects. A little of effort done in avoiding their infestation can likely pay off in the coming period.

Some easy ways to prevent pests are:

  1. Screen all the doors and windows

    Any of the damaged door or window, broken glass or screen inside your property can turn up as an easy entrance for animals. To prevent hornets and flies to fly into your home, its advised to repair or replace all the damaged openings. Mesh screen installation is greatly effective in preventing access of pests.

  2. Seal everything

    Since pests are very tiny and can crawl through the tiniest door cracks, wall crevices and vent openings, its advised to seal them all. Use quality seals that tends to stay for longer and can effectively seal all the gaps and cracks on the walls and doors.

  3. Fix leaks

    Most of the pest species are attracted towards cold spots as they love to reside in a damp environment. Ants, moths, bugs and bees thrive to live on condensed pipes to save themselves from hot weather. By fixing all the pipe leaks, a homeowner can somehow prevent the invasion of pests inside a home.

  4. Clean kitchen

    Pests usually infest a home in search of food and shelter. An untidy and cluttered kitchen can attract these insects towards a property. Its important to wipe the counter tops and wash the dirty utensils every time after cooking meals inside the kitchen. Try to keep the toaster and microwave clean and tidy. Cover the garbage bins and clean away all the clutter.

  5. Maintain your yard

    A yard is the only place that is full of food sources that usually attract insects. In addition, a cluttered and unclean garden offers a perfect shelter and acts as a hiding place. To prevent buzzing bees and wasps, clean your yard for dried leaves and debris. Its further advised to mow your lawn regularly to avoid insect infestation in the grass.

These are the few ways to prevent pest infestation inside a property. If you are currently facing hornets or ants inside your property, call in our expert pest exterminators at Hamilton Extermination for effective pest control and removal.

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