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4 Effective Tips To Prevent Moth Infestation

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 4 Effective Tips To Prevent Moth Infestation

How would you react if you find a series of tiny holes on your favorite coat? Yes, it might be stressful and upsetting. Most likely, the culprit to be blamed for this is a moth that you may have got carried onto your clothes and wardrobe. To prevent or minimize moth infestation, inspect all the food products and clothing you bring into your home. Be sure to inspect furniture, fabrics, rugs and cotton plants to find immature or adult moths, before bringing them into your property. Its important to eliminate moths to prevent any damages to clothes and fabrics, along with preventing clutter.

Few tips to follow to avoid moth invasion inside your home are:

  1. Keep your wardrobe clean

    Cleanliness is the key to hygiene. If clothes or other garments stored in your wardrobe are infested or unclean, they’ll likely attract moths. To prevent pest invasion, its recommended to clean your wardrobe seasonally with a vinegar based cleaner. If moths are already present over there, turn on the hair dryer at the highest temperature setting and move it around the corners, edges and cracks of a dresser. The heat generated by the hair dryer will kill the moths and their larva.

  2. Store only clean clothes

    Moths are of diverse species, based on their habitat and eating habits. Cloth moths are the only categories that can cause excessive damage to belongings and clothes. They feed on the organic residues like human skin, hair scales that gets collected or attached to the worn clothes. To prevent holes in your clothes, its advised to keep only the clean and ironed fabrics in cupboards.

  3. Keep moths away with odors

    To keep moths away from your property, you can use moth balls and moth paper that is widely available in the market. If you do not want to apply chemical agents and balls in your wardrobe, make use of household remedies like cloves. Putting out sachets of cloves, lavender or dried orange peels can cause strong odors that can help in keeping the moths away for months.

  4. Pack clothes in newspaper or plastic

    Moths cannot bite through materials like paper and plastic. This means all those things can’t be attacked by moths that are packed and protected in newspaper or plastic bags. If your home is prone to moth attacks, consider protecting your valuable sin plastic bags.

These are some of the ways to prevent moth invasion and damages. To avoid expensive fabric damages, its better to call in professional moth exterminators for service. If you are looking for a pest removal company in Hamilton, feel free to contact us at Hamilton Extermination.

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