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3 Natural & Non-Toxic Ways to Deter Away Ant Population

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3 Natural & Non-Toxic Ways to Deter Away Ant Population

Ants are nuisance pests that can be easily seen moving in queues. They are found in every part of the world and generally live in the form of colonies inside the wall holes or soil. Though they are small, the harm they do is beyond their size.

These tiny crawlers are responsible for biting humans, contaminating food items, carrying diseases and many other hygiene issues. Ant usually come out during the spring and summer months. Since they cause painful bites, its important to deter these bugs away as soon as they are spotted.

Some home remedies that are effective in removing ant infestation are:

  1. Use lemon water to drive them away

    One of the common home remedy that is used to shoo away these pesky pests is lemon water. The sour flavor and citrus fragrance of lemon is not at all liked by ant species. Mix some lemon juice with water and fill the mixture in the spray bottle. Sprinkle it wherever you see moving ants. Apply this method every two hours to prevent ants from coming back again.

  2. Use vinegar to block their path

    Vinegar is a proven home remedy that is effective on various pests that invade your kitchen. Vinegar fumes are very strange and strong. Since they are highly disliked by ants, they act as a perfect ant control method. Mix some vinegar with water to prepare a solution. After this, spray over the mixture around the ant habitat and trail. The scent emitted will repel the ants from coming out of their holes, thereby preventing them to crawl over your kitchen countertops.

  3. Dish liquids are harmful on ants

    The dish washing liquid or powder you use for washing utensils is harmful on ants. This is the reason why you can’t witness these pesky pests inside the kitchen sinks. Almost all dish soaps and detergents are harmful on ants as the chemical they contain can break down the protective exoskeleton layers on ants body. This compels them to become dehydrated and they either lie down or leave the place at once. Make a mixture of dish soap & water and spray it on the moving ants.

These are some common home remedies that are responsible for deterring away the ant population from your property. If you are looking for a reliable pest control company in Hamilton, our pest exterminators at Hamilton Extermination can assist you.

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